‘As a result of the overseas visit to Cork, part of the West Midlands Business Export programme, we have established a connection and secured significant new business in Ireland’

Steve Buckle, TMEC UK

‘An invaluable insight into China, a potential new market for our business.  The presenter was very knowledgeable and I gained an enormous amount of valuable information’

Audrey McNaught, Maudesport

‘The workshop certainly helped me to evaluate China as a potential market to pursue and I found the presenter extremely knowledgeable’

Fiona Hudson-Kelly, Smart E-Assessor

‘The workshop helped me to understand export sales and marketing and focus on the areas that will really help our export business grow’

Mike Button, W Potter & Sons Poultry

‘We are now in a position to devise a better export strategy as a result of attending the workshop.   Not only well delivered, it highlighted a number of key issues that will help us to increase and maintain our export sales.  Sharing experiences with the group was also highly beneficial’

Pule Panyane, Panyane Exports

‘An excellent workshop, very easy to understand and gained invaluable knowledge to allow me to restructure my current export sales business and expand’

Lorraine Duffy, Getting Dirty

‘We are at the very beginning of exploring export markets for our business, so this visit to Berlin helped me to understand the fundamental principles of exporting and highlighted some key business information about selling to Germany in particular’

Paul Blackburn, Aston Eyetech

‘An excellent very well organised, interesting, relevant and thought-provoking visit to Berlin.  The trip helped me to establish a number of business relationships with both potential German and UK partners as well as with the excellent West Midlands UKTI team.   The trip ultimately gave the confidence and needed contacts to access the German market’

Richard Fallon, Marketing the Midlands

‘Of particular interest to me was the help and advice from the UK speaker, based in Germany and doing business there, many valuable points made and a real insight gained’

David Higgins, Earthbound