Metrasens Limited, a leading manufacturer and supplier of ferromagnetic detection devices, is expanding its international reach and working with partners in India.

Founded in 2005, Metrasens Limited has grown year-on-year with 60 per cent of its business now attributable to its export activity, through forging strong partnerships and establishing their own team in the United States.

One of Metrasens’ latest products is the design of a portable, full body scan system for the security sector, which enables the unobtrusive detection of items such as knives, guns and mobile phones.

Following two years of product development, Metrasens has embarked on exporting the system to India following a direct approach from Panoptes Secure Pvt Limited, based in Gurgaon, near Delhi, regarding a distributorship for the whole of India.

“We have worked with the police, prisons and commercial security organisations in the UK to develop a body scanner system which is simple to set-up, unobtrusive and has global appeal,” says Andy Best, Sales Manager at Metrasens.

“The system has proved popular in the UK in both the security and healthcare sectors due to its portability and non-intrusive nature, and we were already researching its export potential before being approached by Panoptes.”

The UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) provided the company with access to programmes and a range of support to help it achieve its international ambitions.

The company was introduced to IntaTrade’s Regional Advisor, Ravi Tandon, to explore the opportunity further and understand the pitfalls and benefits of working in collaboration with a company which understands the Indian market.

Ravi is a Regional Adviser supported by the ERDF project West Midlands Business Export project to provide advice to SMEs on behalf of the International Innovation Centre, also funded by the project.

“We work with businesses that want to go beyond exporting, but Metrasens posed a different challenge in that it had been approached by a business in India rather than the other way round,” says Ravi.

“Finding the right partner is crucial to the product’s success and Panoptes has the structure, resources and professonal management that matched Metrasens requirements.

“India is an important growth sector for the company and we are delighted with the relationship we have with Panoptes and its potential for the future,” says Andy.

“We have a five year plan in place and the initial outlook is good.  Since it began trading, we have exported many units, which has significantly increased Metrasens security market turnover.

“We are now working on a strategy to clarify our goals in India and will be working closely with Panoptes to maximise opportunities and be guided by its experience of the market to date.”

Metrasens’ future both in the UK and internationally revolves around its product research and development, but at the moment it has its sights firmly set on replicating the success of the full body scan system to the security sector in America.

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