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Becoming a worldwide contributor – TP3 Global

TP3 Global, a leading manufacturer of bespoke thermal protective solutions, sees international expansion as the future for valuable and profitable business growth.

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Becoming a worldwide contributor – Tiled Space

Tiled Space, a leading designer and manufacturer of mass-produced and bespoke tiles to both the business and private consumer sector, is just one of many businesses in the West Midlands to see the commercial value in international exportation.

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Detecting a good export opportunity – Metrasens Limited

Metrasens Limited, a leading manufacturer and supplier of ferromagnetic detection devices, is expanding its international reach and working with partners in India.

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Manuscript Pen Company – case study

Manuscript Pen Company, one of the world’s leading specialists in the development and production of fine fountain and dip pen calligraphy, has diversified its product range with the aim of doubling its export to North America.

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The future is bright for LED (UK) Ltd

LED (UK) Ltd, an innovative solid state lighting company is leading the way in developing energy saving solutions for both the public and private sector, with its sight firmly set on exporting across the globe.

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Building an export future – JAI Engineers

JAI Engineers UK Ltd, an advanced high-tech ceramic products manufacturer from the West Midlands, realised it needed to increase its international presence to remain competitive both in Europe and further afield.

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